Third Post: let's get the navigation structure in order!

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So right now, I've got quite a bit of the foundation ready for this new website, but there's quite a bit of heavy lifting to go.  The not-quite next step is to decide on my content types and begin to structure the site around them.  For instance, if this was a "newspaper" site, then I'd probably have content types named after the sections, such as News, Sports, Weather, etc.  Those would then be the content types I would create with the CCK module, the Content Creation Kit.  I think for this website I'm going to put things into just a few basic categories: Story, How-To and Glossary.

Since I'm really a big fan of those fancy fly-out JavaScript menus, I'm going to get a little ahead of myself and get my left-hand navbar menu in place.  In order to do that, I'm going to enable the "Nice Menus" module and then visit the built-in Blocks module to rearrange the location of my default nav menu.  Here goes.