Let's get some media going!

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Media stuff on Drupal (6) is not easy.  There's too many ways to do things, and many of them are broken.  The only thing that everyone agrees upon is "Use CCK and Views"!  Beyond that...

I had limited success with the Audio module.  If you check out the VoiceStream site, you can see that I at least got MP3s to be embedded and to play with the "1 Pixel Out" player.  Getting songs to appear together in a playlist was just a little bit beyond me, so I'll pause here and document how I got this far.


From Views: obviously just Views & Views UI.

From CCK: Content, FileField, Filefield MP3 Player Formatter, Node Reference, Option Widgets and Text.

From SWF Tools: SWF Tools, 1 Pixel Out and (either) jQuery Flash plugin (or) SWFObject2.

Other: getID3() --for tags to work.

This tutorial tells you the path to Drupal audio Nirvana is Filefield + jQuery Media.

Help building music page? Player and Playlists

FileField Podcaster

How To: Embedding media using SWF Tools module

Carlos gave me a very useful pointer: I need to configure my input types!  This changes much.

The place to begin is under Site Configuration: Input Formats, here.  Once there, make sure to add the SWF Tools Filter.