First Post! (or, what to do once you've installed Drupal)

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Now that I have a brand-spanking-new instance of Drupal 6.19 installed, it's time for me to document each step I take to get a fully-functioning website up and running.  (Before you read anything I have to say, however, make sure you consult The Handbooks.)

Everything under Administer » Site configuration» Site information

should already be configured by the time the installation wizard is finished.

For starters, I get some of my absolutely mandatory, gotta-have modules installed. The trick here is to make a "modules" directory under sites/all, and unpack your tarballs into them, like so:

  • cd my-drupal-directory/sites/all
  • mkdir modules
  • cd modules
  • mv ~user/Downloads/module.tar.gz .
  • tar xvzf modules.tar.gz

First up, Administration Menu and Vertical Tabs. Both are cosmetic-yet-functional little goodies that have been baked right into Drupal 7. Beautiful. That just made it so much easier to navigate back to this post, and then so much clearer to look at that muck of options below the Body: text field.

Next, we'll need to clean up our URLs, so let's toss Pathauto into the mix. For this to work, we'll also need the built-in Path and the add-on Token. Zam. And now, we can rename ugly ol' node/1 into the beautiful node/first-post you see today!

Next up, CKEditor. The trick is that you first need to grab the CKEditor *module* from the main drupal site, at Then you need to shove the actual CKEditor *program* from their site, at, into that directory. So you'll end up with this recursive little oddity: your-drupal-directory/sites/all/modules/ckeditor/ckeditor ... but it works, so don't worry about it.

Let's move on and install the "final five": CCK, CTools, Nice Menus, Panels and Views.  With the exception of Nice Menus (which simply gives you a new Block type that allows for some nice JavaScript fly-out submenus), each one of these is ridiculously powerful, complex and customizable, so we will leave discussions of what to do with each of those for later nodes of discussion.  Suffice it to say that you can't realistically set up a legitimately interesting and functional Drupal site without all of them.

Finally, we'll install JQuery, partly because it's really nifty, but partly because Views is one of many modules that won't function without it.  Much like CKEditor, this is one of those that requires a module and then a subfolder containing the same name within it, like so: nifty-drupal-directory/sites/all/modules/jquery_ui/jquery.ui/.

If you want a good book, you could hardly do better than Using Drupal (amazon)