The "Workstation-As-Server" project


Let's tweak our desktop so that it provides a "rich presence" for the office.

I would like to replace the Post-It note as the default means of letting coworkers and bosses know where I'm at.  It would be a plus if they didn't have to go to my office to find out where I'm at.

It would also be nice if this workstation was a one-stop-shop for me to get my work done (nice thing for a "workstation" to accomplish!).  It could contain RSS feeds from work tasks, personal tasks, news sources, etc. etc.

This project may appear to have languished for awhile, but it is in fact my most highly-used website with lots of daily use and tweaking.

Major features:

  • JavaScript clock in the header.  I use this several times an hour.  ("Sometimes, the best tricks are the oldest tricks!")
  • My current location and task status also in the header.  I leave notes on my current location whenever I'm out of the office.
  • The main splash page content is a tabbed-view link farm of all my main work-related bookmarks
  • Both the "Read Projects" menu and "Latest Projects" block in the sidebar give a bird's-eye-view of what I'm working on.
  • A "Notes" block in the sidebar to keep a sticky-note visual reminder of current "Grand Themes" of the POETS' work

Still to be done: the current evolution of thinking on this project is contained within the Data Aggregation project.  In other words, the "Workstation-As-Server" project is morphing/evolving into the Desktop-As-Systems-Dashboard project...  Ultimately there will be a view of POETS' tickets on the main splash page, and the "PEOPLE TO CALL BACK" block in the side will be a dynamic display of contact information for just the customers listed in open tickets.