Syntax coloring for CFML in vi

Here are the steps to get syntax coloring working for CFML in vi.

First off, I was a little surprised to find that Debian didn't install the full vim by default, just vim-tiny.  Let's fix that:

sudo apt-get install vim vim-gui-common vim-doc vim-snippets vim-pathogen

That last thing is a little utility which helps to load vim extensions.  Let's go home and set up our environment for vim and pathogen:
mkdir .vim
mkdir -p ~/.vim/autoload ~/.vim/bundle

Download the ColdFusion syntax highlighting and utilities for Vim here:

cd ~/Downloads
mv cf-utils.vim-master ~.vim/bundle/cf-utils

And lastly you're going to want to edit your .vimrc file to turn on syntax coloring and be aware of the Pathgen install:
vi .vimrc
   #paste the following into that file:
syntax on
set number
execute pathogen#infect()


CF Utils: