Linux on a Stick


There are already several Linux on a Stick distros, so the first part of this project (simply getting things working) won't be breaking any new ground.  But what if we had a Linux distro-on-a-stick with a working Drupal install?  What sorts of things might be possible?

  • A bootable file-recovery system with a local databse of contacts, FAQs, IP numbers, etc.
  • A demonstration offline copy of a working CMS that is essentially "frozen" for dog-and-pony shows at seminars, conference meetings, etc.
  • A Red Cross recovery disc that had working copies of "Where There Is No Doctor," water purification tips, instructions on how start (and stop) fires, build simple shelters, etc., that also had a writeable FAT partition for getting information from partially damaged PCs
  • ...?

For my purposes, I would like a bootable system with a FAT partition to use as simple fileshare drive (when not booted) that also had reasonably up-to-date copies of my workstation Drupal (this site) and my CMS that I could use for testing.  Notes for report to follow.

We begin with this tutorial.