Data Aggregation project


I like portals and widgets.  Mash the two together and what do you get?  A dashboard. (They're all the rage with IT Manager types.) What would that look like? I want to be able to collect personally-relevant information from a number of sources into a single, secure view. Ultimately, I would like to be able to collect data that is password protected (my bank statements, library status, POETS tickets).

So let's build a Drupal dashboard!!  But what would this entail?  A number of things, in no real particular order:

  • the ability to render widgets on a page
  • the ability to read information from other sites
  • there's no step 3.

My first real success with widgets has been with the Web Widgets module for D6.  It allows you to create a view which contains the embed code that you can then insert and view on another site.  For what it does, with a minimum of bells and whistles, it's pretty good.

The next step involves something a little more complex, almost undoubtedly involving the Services module.  Jon has had some limited success with the 2.x branch (currently 6.x-2.4), which I have yet to duplicate.  The 3.x branch (currently ), which is the only option for D7, can in theory serve from a wide range of servers connecting to an even wider range of services.  In either case, it seems pretty straightforward to connect to the most basic server protocol, XMLRPC.