bash cheat-sheet

Here is a list of useful UNIX commands, organized into broad categories. Purists will note that not all of these are built-in bash commands, but many are third-party utilities which must be downloaded separately (depending on which distribution of Linux or UNIX you are using).  If you are just getting started at the command line, you may want to peruse my basic command line tutorial on the Drupal sub-set of this site.  It hasn't been updated in awhile, but there is also my cheat-sheet in desktop picture form, which may be of interest to those who spend a lot of time at the command line.
cd chgrp chmod chown cp df du  find gnutar grep group ls mkdir mount mv popd pushd pwd quota rm rmdir su sudo tar touch users vi  who whoami
curl date dig hostinfo hostname ifconfig iptables  netstat nmap nslookup ping sftp ssh tcpdump traceroute wireshark
apropos blockdev cancel dmesg env free gnome-system-monitor hdparm htop iostat irqbalance jobs kill man oprofile nohup pcp perf pminfo ps pstree sar set setenv uname uptime valgrind vmstat
man 3 set
find / -name whatever -print
ln -s drupal-6.35/ drupal
cp -r
rm -R directory_X/
perl -v
perl --version
df -T     (filesystem type)
|      set up a pipe
>​      redirect output to a file
<      redirect input from a file
>>​    append output to an existing file
/       separator used in filenames
&      process any command in the background
*      match any number of characters in a filename
?      match any single character in a filename
[ ]      match any one of the enclosed characters
.       current directory
..      parent directory
;       command separator
()      group commands