Chapter 5: Evolution & Epigenesis

V. Evolution & Epigenesis

(Darwin + Mendel = J. Huxley; Eldridge/Gould + Mandlebrot = ?)

  1. Natural selection upon variation
  2. Epigenesis: interactive unfolding of genetic material into environment (physical/chemical feedback chains; Hebb's rectangle & Edelman's topobiology + neotenic learning [ND p.302])
  3. random walks in biology (Waddington's chreodic attraction)
  4. ecosystems with nested causal cycles (loops within loops)
  5. punctuated equilibrium a fractal wave?
  6. Dawkin's memes (we are caught between reflex input below, meme-matrix above: we are the emotional midbrain associating both to each other and to value)